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My name is Ivana Zuranova and I am glad, that you are visiting our web site - "Eilatan" Staffordshire Bull Terrier FCI Kennel

 How did everything start in?

The beginning was quite sad...We lost our female - Shar-pei - Arinka. Our house was renamed to cry-baby and you could feel every where the desire for a small snuggling thing.

We had no idea of Staffordshire Bull Terriers until few years ago. Everything changed after a visit to the International Show in Brno. We fell in love with Staffordshire Bull Terriers - it was love at first sight. For less than one month we had realised our dream, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy - female Dafne Gold z Hambalek - from MVDr. Klimes. Everything surpassed our expectations.  I am not sure, if there is another breed with such a great and sweet nature.

Once our first litter of SBT puppies were born.  I hope, that they all bring a lot of luck and pleasure to their new owners as they do to us. We kept the first-born puppy in our kennel - for good luck.


Eilatan - staffordshire bull terrier kennel
We are looking forwards with anxiety to each litter. What they will be like, will there be females or males, will the delivery be OK, will the new owners be nice to them...all this is constantly on our minds.

Thanks to this great breed. I hope, that the common sense will win and that our Staffordshire Bull Terriers will not be so cursed in future.

Finally, I would like to say thanks to my husband Milos and to my daughters Nikol and Natalie for their help with the care and education of our dog friends, life has become more joyful.

Ivana Zuranová




     Update: 26.01.2022 - PLANNED LITTERS

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